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Ask Sally Sonic

Ask Sally Sonic

Sally Sonic answers your questions about ulrasonic equipment, applications and best practices. She does her best to answer questions accurately and completely.
But remember: We make no warranty or guaranty on the advice given, or the results obtained. ALWAYS try any new process or chemistry on a spare or throwaway part first!

Ultrasonic Cleaning of Porous Ceramics

Dear Sally,

Looking for ultrasonic cleaner to clean porous ceramic. need something which will penetrate through the part & push out the dirty coolant or foreign substances from inside of part. also let me know what kind of liquid should I use. do I need heater with ultrasonic or not. please provide model # which I can buy with the prices. also need a timer.

Paul P.

Dear Paul,

For this application, you absolutely need a unit with heat and a timer. You will have to experiment to find the liquid that will work best to break down the coolant. As always, I suggest that you contact the coolant manufacturer as a first step towards identifying the proper cleaning solution.

Having said all that - I am not optimistic that this will work. Ceramics are notoriously hard to clean, especially if you need to remove all staining as well. Good luck!

Cylindrical Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Dear Sally,

I have a project where we are trying to clean steel cylinders passing by on a conveyor. If the part is flooded with cleaning solution can transducers be designed to dislodge very small particals from the ID surface? These parts are coming from a grinding line that produces fine steel chips and wheel material that gets into the ID of these parts.


Dear Mike,

What you are describing is not just possible, it is a product - but not in the way you are thinking. The product is a cylindrical ultrasonic wire and strip cleaner. It consists of a tube, with ultrasonic transducer elements bonded to the outside. The inside is flooded, and wire or strips of material are cleaned as they pass through the tube.

However, what you want to do will not work, because the transducers need to be permanently bonded to the outside of the tube. Otherwise, you cannot get good transmission, and nothing will happen inside the tube, to say nothing of damaging the transducers. The best you can do in your situation, if the parts must stay on the conveyor, is to have the conveyor dip down into a tank to flood the parts and clean them.

Indirect Ultrasonic Cleaning for Bioburden

Dear Sally: Please, I need help!

Can ultrasonic waves affect the sample placed in the plastic bag filled with the water? Plastic bag is in the glass beaker but there is no fluid in it. Can ultrasonic waves affect sample if it is just wetted but there is no water in the plast bag and the bag is in the glass beaker without water? I am working with bioburden and using ultrasonic to pick microorganisms from my samples. Thank for helping me

Gordana C

Dear Gordana,

Bad news. You will have to fill the bag for there to be any appreciable retransmission of ultrasonic energy. As long as we can go from water to a hard surface, preferably stainless steel, then back to water, you can expect to see activity in the innermost container. You have a couple of things working against you here. First of all, your innermost container is a plastic bag, and second, it is not flooded. To get this done, you will need to come up with a way to process your parts with the bag filled with water.

Educational Discount on Ultrasonic Cleaners?

Dear Sally,

We are interested in purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner for our materials lab. We have some red tape to get through here, so I was wondering how long the free shipping on the Branson cleaners will last. Also, does your company have a discount for education?

Thank you, Taran H.

Dear Taran

The free shipping has been going on for years, and has become the de facto standard on the web, so I don't see it going away. As for the discount, we usually give 5% to our educational customers.

Ultrasonic Golf Club Cleaning

Dear Sally, I am interested in starting a golf club cleaning business. Do you have an ultrasound tank that lends itself well to this application?

Thanks, John

Dear John,

So long as you can fit the club heads into the tank, you should be OK. Of course, if you want to clean the entire club, you'll need a really long tank. An alternative is to buy an ultrasonic tank at least half as long as your longest club, and clean half of the club at a time.

Ultrasonic Cleaning System for 200 Pistols

Dear Sally,

I am an armorer for Tennessee State Parks. We are issued 200 pistols and I'm intrested in an ultrasonic cleaning system for these weapons.Can you help? If so,please send me info and price listing.Thanks very much.

Tom G.

Dear Tom,

You're in luck. We have exactly what you need. Simply click on weapons cleaning in the menu at left, then go to handgun cleaners and you will find a full selection of machines that will fit your requirement.

Jewelry Cleaning Chemistry

Dear Sally,

I bought a sonic jewelry cleaner by the international silver company, many years ago. I need to replace the cleaning solution but I am not sure where to find it. Can you help me?

Thank you, Dawn

Dear Dawn,

You're in the right place. We have liquid jewelry cleaners from Bransonics, and powdered jewelry cleaning concentrate from Cleanosonic. Both work well and and a little goes a long way. See our selection of jewelry cleaning chemistries here on site.

Message: Hi,

I would like to purchase the B200 with 1Quart JC Solution. However, I notice there is no mention of international shipping in your shipping information section.

Do you ship products outside of U.S.?

Will all additional handling charges/fees be made known to me prior to the shipment?

Lastly, how many cleaning treatments can I get from 1Quart of JC solution?

Thank you for your kind help, really appreciated it.

Sincerely, Steve T

Dear Steve,

We do ship overseas, but we cannot send liquid cleaning solutions. The regulations are simply too complex, and it is not cost effective. I recommend you try our Cleanosonic jewelry cleaning powder.

You will get about 4 gallons of mixed, ready to use solution out of a large pack of powder.

Bear in mind that you do not have to throw away the solution after each use - you can simply put the cover on your cleaner and save it for next time. Toss the solution when it seems to be losing effectiveness or smells sour.

Ultrasonic Cleaning for Surgical Instruments

Update: We have had so much interest in this application, that we have published a step by step surgical instrument cleaning procedure on our blog.

You can see our equipment and cleaning solution recommendations here.

Message: Dear Sir,

We are in need of some ultrasonic cleaning machine/equipment which can clean our surgical and dental instruments like Forceps, Scissors, Tweezers, Pliers, Scalers & knives etc. All these devices are made of stainless steel.


Ahmed Munir

Dear Ahmed,

Your application is a common one. Just keep in mind that ultrasonic cleaning will remove debris, but not sterilize your equipment. Simply choose the size tank that is best for your parts, and proceed. Be sure to include a parts tray in your order. If you have further questions, contact me at our toll free number.

You may want to take a look at the machine most of our medical customers use for instrument cleaning: PC-620 Pipette Cleaner I recommend that you choose the version with heat.
Dear Sally,

I have general questions about ultrasonic cleaners and how to choose a size. We have a dermatology office that sees between 50 and 100 people per day...our hinged surgical instruments are all roughly the same size, the largest of which is approximately 8 inches when completely opened. We usually wash about 30 pieces by hand on an average day...forceps, scissors, etc. I don't want to buy too small a unit, but the doctor doesn't want to buy larger ultrasonic tank than we need (obviously!)

I also was wondering about how often the chemicals need to be changed. We would rinse off surgical debris before placing the items in the cleaner, but I don't know how many times you can re-use the chemicals.

Thanks for your time and information.

Raylene B.

Dear Raylene,

You have a lot of questions here, so let's take them one by one. First of all, you need at least a B3510MTH to get the size tank that will work. I am assuming that you want to do multiple instruments at a time.

As far as the solution goes, you would want to change it when it begins to lose effectiveness. You will see that it is either taking longer to get the parts clean, or the parts don't get as clean in a given ultrasonic cycle time. Alternatively, you can change it when it starts to look or smell funky.

Ultrasonic Cleaning for Printheads




Dear Mark,

This is actually a common application. We have several customers that do this as a re-furb activity. Normally, you would use a 1/2 gallon machine, like the B1510MTH from Bransonic or the Crest 175HT. You will need a mesh basket to hold your parts, and a unit with heat. The cleaning solution will depend on the ink used. We usually recommend that you contact the cartridge manufacturer for info, but in your case, it sounds as if you will have access to the data sheet and MSDS yourself. Review these, and if needed contact the manufacturer.

Ultrasonic Cleaning for Cuisinart Parts Message: I'm looking for a time-saving solution for cleaning plastic parts used for food preparation, such as Cuisinart parts. Parts are all sterilizable and will withstand the dishwasher, but the dishwasher does not provide adequate coverage to clean small crevices, gaps, etc.

Volume of parts ranges up to 1 gallon. This would be for home use only; not for profit-related activities.

Would any of your ultrasonic units be appropriate? Do you have cleaning solutions that would be appropriate for food-related applications?

Thanks in advance.

Dear Sir,

There are a number of considerations here - I am assuming that you are cleaning primarily blade assemblies, mixing arms and the like. Most of these parts will be a combination of hard plastics and metal, and should do quite well in an ultrasonic cleaner. Softer plastics and rubber parts will tend to absorb ultrasonic energy, and results would be less than optimum.

As for the solution, remember that all the tank does it scrub - you have to match the soil and cleaning solution for best results. Make sure that the soap you pick is FDA approved, and is made for the soils you are attempting to remove, and it will work fine.

Jewelry Cleaner Questions

Message: To whom it may concern,

I am interested in purchasing the B200 Ultrasonic Cleaner. I am wondering whether you ship items to Canada, and if so, what method of shipping you use (UPS, US Mail, etc.).



Dear Crystal,

We do ship to Canada, via UPS standard. The shipping cost is little more than shipping in the US, however, you would be responsible for all taxes, duties and tarriffs.

Message: I would like to purchase a Branson B200 jewelery cleaner. What is the total cost including shipping? I'm not comfortable with using my credit card on the net. Is a personal check ok?


Dear Dean,

UPS ground shipping in the 48 states is free. You can find out shipping costs for 2nd day and Next Day during the checkout process.

We can't accept your personal check. Alternatively, you can always call us with your credit or debit card info. For the record, we accept:

all major credit cards money orders wire transfers PayPal wire transfers

And we LOVE Purchase Orders!

Dear Sally,

I wish to purchase an Ultrasonic Cleaner for my home use for my jewellery. Please could you advise me if you have a model suitable and the price and the shipping to the UK. Also the voltage please Many thanks

Sarah J.

Dear Sarah,

Your best bet is the 230 volt version of our Bransonic B200 ultrasonic jewellery cleaner.

It lists for 131.00 US, and shipping is determined by the exact destination and shipping method chosen during checkout.

Cleaning silver jewelry Dear Sally Sonic,

Message: Hi,

I am trying to find a jewelry cleaner to clean sterling Silver jewelry. I havent' been able to find one yet. I do use a polishing cloth, but I have jewelry like 9a Charm Bracelet that needs to be cleaned different. Are your cleaners what I am looking for. thanks dee l.

Dear Dee,

It depends. You can use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean silver, but that is not the real concern for most silver jewelry owners. What they want is to remove tarnish, which is an oxidation of the metal's surface. For this you need a tarnish remover, like our Cleanosonic silver cleaner. Hope this helps!

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