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Branson Ultrasonic Cleaners

Branson Ultrasonics

Introducing the NEW CPX and M series of ultrasonic cleaners from Branson Ultrasonics! With over 60 years of ultrasonic knowledge, Branson is bringing all that experience to bear with these four new ultrasonic series. All of the new M, MH, CPX, & CPXH Series ultrasonics are available in all five Bransonic sizes.

Take a look at the advanced features of Bransonics' new line of ultrasonic baths. Need more information? Scroll down past the product listings


Branson 1800 Ultrasonic Cleaner
Branson 2800 Ultrasonic Cleaner
Branson 3800 Ultrasonic Cleaner
Branson 5800 Ultrasonic Cleaner
Branson 1800 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Regular price: $414.00
Sale Price: $387.00
Branson 2800 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Regular price: $563.00
Sale Price: $546.00
Branson 3800 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Regular price: $857.00
Sale Price: $831.00
Branson 5800 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Regular price: $1,196.00
Sale Price: $1,160.00
Branson 8800 Ultrasonic Cleaner
Bransonic Accessories
Branson Quick Start Manual
Branson 8800 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Regular price: $1,921.00
Sale Price: $1,863.00
Bransonic Accessories

Branson Quick Start Manual

Feature M Series MH Series CPS Series CPXH Series
Timer 60-minute Mechanical* 60-minute Mechanical* 99-minute Digital* 99-minute Digital*
Tank Capacity
(.5g to 5.5g) 1.9 to 20 liters
Sweep Frequency
40 kHz Transducer
Heater   X   X
Dual Power     X X
Power Tracking     X X
Sleep Mode     X X
Degas Wave Modulation     X X
°C or °F Temp       X
Auto Ultrasonics Activation       X
High-temp Alarm     X X
Front Panel Auto
Temp Calibration
*Units can also run continuously.

The new Bransonic models are the same size as the B-Series units you are familiar with, and use the same accessories - so you can upgrade your cleaners and keep the same baskets and trays.


  Model 1800 Model 2800 Model 3800 Model 5800 Model 8800
Tank Capacity          
Liters/Gallons 1.9/0.5 2.8/0.75 5.7/1.5 9.5/2.5 20.8/5.5

Tank Size (L/W/D)

Inches 6x5.5x4 9.5x5.5x4 11.5x6x6 11.5x9.5x6 19.5x11.5x6
mm 150x150x100 230x140x100 290x150x150 290x240x150 495x290x150
Overall SIze (L/W/D)          
Inches 9.9x12x11.9 13.3x12x11.9 15.6x12.5x14.8 15.6x15.8x14.9 23.5x18.3x15.4
mm 251x304x302 337x304x302 397x317x377


Pounds/Kilograms 7/3.2 9/4.1 12/5.4 14/6.4 26/11.8
Frequency 40 kHz 40 kHz 40 kHz 40 kHz 40 kHz
Drain No No Yes Yes Yes
NOTE: Tank cover included. For optimum cleaning results, Branson offers a line of accessories including perforated trays, solid trays, beaker covers and support racks for your application needs

The CPX/CPXH Series Cleaners

The CPX Series represents a huge step forward, not just for Branson, but for the ultrasonics industry as a whole. They are the most advanced digital benchtop ultrasonic units available.

CPX Series Ultrasonics Features

Contant Activity and Power Tracking:

CPX/H units automatically adjust to keep ultrasonic power levels constant - regardless of changes in in liquid level or temperature. The units also compensate for light and heavy loads.You know that cleaning will be uniform, and produce repeatable results even when your parts and tank conditions change during the workday. This also guarantees that power is applied evenly throughout the tank, and over the entire surface of your part for even precision cleaning.

High / Low Power Control:

Set to full power for for standard or more difficult parts, or throttle it back to 70% for more delicate work. This feature also helps with dispersion and homogenization applications when using the CPX units for laboratory applications.

Precision Temperature Controls:

Bransonic machiens heat up to 69C / 156.2F, and can display either Celsius or Fahrenheit. Temperature can be conveniently monitored via the digital display. The units also include a high temperature visual alarm and auto over-temp shutoff for additional safety.

Sleep Mode:

Saves energy - unit automatically shuts off when no key is pressed for 15 minutes after the end of a cleaning cycle. To bring it back online, just touch any key.

Advanced Degassing Mode:

The CPX/H Series includes an extended degassing capability. This advance wave modulation mode can be activated for up to 99 minutes to allow for a wide variety of sample preparation and process applications.

  • sample prep and mixing
  • cell and solution homogenization
  • cell lysing
  • disolution and dispersion of solids in solution
  • preparation of liposomal Vitamin C


The M/MH Series Cleaners

MH Control panel

The M Series units are the choice for value and simplicity of operation. Choose from heated and unheated machines, both with these features:

  • 40 kHz Sweep Frequency Ultrasonic Transducers
  • Set and forget timer
  • Timed cleaning cycles up to 60 minutes
  • Continuous cleaning option
  • Heat up to 69C / 156.2F (MH only)

These units are perfect for less sophisticated cleaning applications: machine shops, auto parts, glassware.


Your new Bransonic cleaner can be outfitted with application specific assessocies to extend its capabilites. Available accessories include mesh baskets, perforated trays, solid trays, support rack, and beaker covers. Check the handy chart below to see what's avaialble for your unit. Bransonic accessories work with new Bransonic and the older B-Series units (ex: B8510, B3210, etc.)

(Supplied with Unit)
100-032-515 100-032-517 100-032-519 100-032-510 000-917-505 (SS)
Perforated Tray
100-410-160 100-410-162 100-410-164 100-410-166 100-410-168
Mesh Basket
100-916-333 100-916-334 100-916-335 -- --
Solid Insert Tray
100-410-170 100-410-172 100-410-174 100-410-176 100-410-178
Positioning Cover
(1x600 ml)

(2x600 ml)

(2x250 ml)

(2x600 ml)

(3x250 ml)

(4x600 ml)
(6x600 ml)
CPN-246-014 (SS)
Support Racks
CPN-916-039 CPN-916-040 CPN-916-041 CPN-916-042 CPN-916-043
Beakers (All Models)
250 ml Glass - 000-140-001
400 ml PP - 000-265-061
600 ml Glass - 000-140-004
600 ml SS - 000-410-055

Cleaning Solutions

branson cleaning solutions

Branson offers a complete set of cleaning solutions for most ultrasonic applications. If you need help selecting your solution, feel free to call us toll free for advice. With over 25 years of ultrasonic cleaning experience, we can steer you in the right direction.

Note: Cleaning solutions ship via UPS ground only.

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