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Industrial Cleaners

Sometimes a tabletop ultrasonic cleaner just won't cut it - you need a larger tank, or the capability to add filtration, material handling or other options. We offer the Branson DHA-1000 and the IC Series integrated ultrasonic tank turnkey systems for sizes up to 22 gallons. For a custom solution look to our Series 7000 separate tanks and power supplies. Multiple frequencies, power levels, and tank sizes means that you can build the perfect system for your cleaning application.

Carburetor Cleaners
Carburetor Cleaners

Complete ultrasonic carburetor cleaning packages for the hobbyist or professional who need precision cleaning of carbs, fuel injectors and other automotive parts. Each package includes an ultrasonic tank, accessories and cleaning concentrate. You'll be doing more important work while your cleaner does the scrubbing for you!

Branson IC Series
Branson IC Series

The Bransonic IC Series machines offer can handle most any precision cleaning requirements. They have many of the features and specifications of large industrial ultrasonic cleaners, in a compact integrated package. All stainless steel construction and robust design, based on Branson's larger, industrial systems will assure many years of trouble-free operation. The IC Series tabletop cleaners are available in 12 and 21 gallon capacities.

DHA-1000 10 gallon Tank
DHA-1000 10 gallon Tank

The Branson DHA-1000 is an integrated ultrasonic cleaner designed for medium and heavy duty industrial applications.

DHA1000Regular price: $4,737.00Order yours for: $4,497.00
Tanks / Power Supplies
Tanks / Power Supplies

Branson S7000 Tanks and Power supplies range from 2.5 to 40 gallons, and include options like multiple ultrasonic frequencies and power levels. When a simple benchtop cleaner isn't enough you can put together your own custom systems with the Series 7000.

PC-620 Pipette Cleaner
PC-620 Pipette Cleaner

The PC-620 is made to handle surgical instruments, pipettes, cannulas and other odd-shaped items. Tank Dimensions: 19-1/2"L x 5-3/4"W x 6"D

PC-620 Pipette Cleaner
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Branson Series 7000 Ultrasonic Tanks
Branson Series 7000 Ultrasonic Tanks

Pick the size tank you need, add a generator and a basket - and you have a custom ultrasonic cleaning system. All Branson tanks come with inlet and outlet connections, making it easy to add filters, pumps, and other accessories.

We use Bright-Annealed 316L stainless throughout. This highly polished, rugged surface is suitable for alkaline, neutral or mildly acidic solutions. Heated units will hold temperature up to 170F (76C).

These tanks connect to their respective power supplies via a shielded, FCC approved RF cable, allowing you to keep your power supply located away from liquids.

  • Capacities from 2.5 to 40 gallons (10 to 90 liters)
  • Tank sizes from 6"x10"x10" to 20"x24"x20"
  • Bottom-mounted positive drain connection
  • Internal components are fully shielded
  • Heated and unheated units available
  • Normal or Low Intensity ultrasonics available
  • Choose from 25 or 40 kHz frequency


  • Stainless steel parts handling basket
  • Stainless steel cover

Numbering System:
Your tank's model number will guide you to the correct selection of a power supply. Here's an example: SH1012-40-12

  • The tank is heated (H = heat)
  • Length of the tank in inches, left to right (10)
  • Width of the tank in inches, front to back (12)
  • Ultrasonic Frequency (40 kHz)
  • The number of piezoelectric transducer elements bonded to the bottom of the tank (12)

Power Supply Selection:
The last two digits in your tank model number will tell you how many transducers you need to power and your tanks frquency - simply make sure those numbers match the correcsponding digits in the power supply part number.
Our tank above is an SH-1012-40-12. So we need a power supply that will drive 12 transducers, at 40 kHz. The correct choice is an S7040-12

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