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SLP Series

SLP Series






Branson Sonifier® ultrasonic cell disruptor / homogenizers are versatile laboratory units suitable for a broad range of liquid processing applications such as:

  • Biological cell disruption / homogenization
  • Emulsification
  • Reaction acceleration
  • Dispersion
  • Fine mixing
  • Degasing
The SLP Series consists of a power supply, a converter, and a mechanical probe or horn. The power supply/converter changes standard electrical power to high frequency mechanical energy, which is then applied to the horn, where it is further amplified for use (often with specialized accessories).

Like traditional cell disruptors the SLP Series uses time as a major process variable. Continuous and pulsed modes are available as well as management or total experiment time.

The Sonifier® SLP Series digital ultrasonic processors includes the same features as the analong units, but also offer many additional operator benefits.


Input Voltage

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Sonifier® PRODUCTS

The Sonifier® ultrasonic cell disruptors are versatile laboratory tools designed to apply high-frequency ultrasonic energy to biological and chemical processing to:
  • Disrupt cellular structures
  • Homogenize samples
  • Emulsify materials
  • Disperse or mix compounds
  • Accelerate reactions
Sonifiers® are able to process static samples from 1ml to greater than 500 ml or flowing material up to 40l/hr. Analog units are available in two power levels. Digitally-operated units are offered in three power levels and are suggested for applications requiring higher levels of process control or parameter measurement.