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Samson Ultrasonic Food Washer

Ultrasonic Food Washer
Ultrasonic Food Washer
Ultrasonic Food WasherUltrasonic Food WasherUltrasonic Food WasherUltrasonic Food Washer

Remove fungicides, pesticides and organic contaminants from your fruits and vegetables with ultrasonics!

Easy and deep cleaning
No Scrubbing! Uses Ultrasonic waves to remove 98.9% of agricultural chemicals from fruits and vegetables easily and efficiently.
Eliminates odors
The material of the container itself contains negative ions which help eliminate unpleasant odors, chlorine, and other chemicals.
Operates quietly; Easy installation
Operates using a silent vibration with no splashing over the rim. Sets on the counter top or fits in any kitchen sink.
Cleans Dishes Spotless
Repeated use of the SAMSON Multi-Purpose Washer will revive the original color of your dishes and kitchenware.
The container is coated with an optical-catalyzer, which prevents bacteria growth by using oxygen when under the light.

Low energy consumption
Uses only 0.07 kw of power consumption; approximately one penny per wash cycle.

Weight:: 13 lbs / 6 kg Power AC 120V / 60Hz
AC 220V Also Available.
Tank Size: 12 " x 13 " x 5 "
12.8 L. / 3.4 Gal.
70 watts
Overall Size: 14 " x 16 " x 8 " Ultrasonic Frequency 30 ~ 50 kHz
Decontamination Results:
Contaminant Units Item tested Before After
Difenoconazole mg / kg   Apple 0.43 0
Tomato 0.50 0
Sesame Leaf 80.35 0
Disinfecting Results:
Contaminant Units Method Before After
Vibrio vulniticus cfu / ml W10 minutes wash cycle, then a 10 second rinse with distilled water 1.70 x 103 0
Escherichia coli cfu / ml 1.50 x 103 0

Ultrasonic Food Cleaner Instructions
3D SOUL System
Ultrasonic Food Cleaner Instructions

3D SOUL System

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