GemOro 2.6 Quart Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner with Digital Timer

Product Description
Our attractive, European designed all black ultrasonic is constructed out of contoured durable ABS. With its extra capacity of 2.6 quarts, it’s perfect for most retail jewelers and for reloaders for cleaning cases, as well as gun-enthusiasts cleaning gun parts. And with its low cost, it also makes a great back-up ultrasonic for the professional jeweler or gun store and gun smith.  
  • Advanced Digital Control System (ADCS)
  • Digital control heater
  • Digital control timer
  • Stainless steel 2.6 quart size tank
  • Dura-last transducers
  • Removable full size stainless steel basket
  • Evaporation resistant tight-close cover
  • 1 Year limited replacement warranty

Ship wt. 7 lb
Item #1787

Mesh basket and cover included with unit.



Ask a Question
  • Do you ship to Canada? I am looking for a cleaner to clean blades for grooming clippers. Thanks, Sharon.

    Hi Sharon,
    Yes, we're happy to ship to you in Canada. 
    Because you’re going to be cleaning metal clippers I’ll steer you toward the least expensive ultrasonic cleaner with heat. The reason is that you’re going to need the heat to break down the Petroleum Products that are left on your clippers after lubricating them.

    The machine I’m recommending for you is the GemOro 2.6.  I know for fact that this slightly over powered machine will do a great job of cleaning your clippers. 

    In terms of what to put in the tank as a cleaning solution I’m going to suggest Microcide. This might seem to be an unusual choice at first, but I think it’s important that when we’re cleaning any part or tool that comes into contact with human beings or pets that we also disinfect whenever we can.

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