Microcide SQ Clean and Disinfect Concentrate

Product Description

Microcide SQ is a 2 ounce per gallon of water concentrate that utilizes a high potency proprietary formulation of microcidal agents and surface cleaners.

Microcide SQ begins working immediately and has been shown to destroy dangerous pathogens on hard inaminate surfaces within 10 minutes.

The addition of ultrasonic energy facilitates the release of soot, soil and attached pathogenic organisms from the equipment into the disinfectant bath for a quicker and more efficient kill.

Microcide SQ is:

  • Effective in the presence of 400 ppm hard water and 5% organic soil.
  • EPA registered to kill Hepatitis B and HIV (AIDS) virus.
  • OSHA compliant with bloodbourne pathogens standards as stated in 24 CFR 1910.130 and respirator cleaning procedures as stated in Appendix B-2, 1910.134

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