Harmac Orders

Hi Everyone! I made this page to summarize the activity between Harmac Medical and US Ultrasonics over the last few months.

Note: US Ultrasonics owns and operates both Cleanosonic.com and Sonicsonline.com

My name is David Huckabay, and you can reach me at 877-962-6847, dave@usultrasonics.com, or via chat on our websites.

First activity is an order for an M2800 on cleanosonic.com





This is fine, except that Harmac needed a more sophisticated unit with heat. A request was made to return the unit. It was returned.

Next, an order for a CPX2800 was placed on Sonicsonline.com. We processed the order, including a credit for the returned M2800:





This is fine, except that it did not include heat. I caught this, and it was agreed to change the order to a CPX2800H (The H means heat). So we did a final order to change the CPX2800 to a CPX2800H - which resulted in a small upcharge.




Finally we have the correct unit on its way to Harmac. But there is one issue - Harmac paid for Next Day shipping on the CPX unit (order 1235). Since the unit did not ship, and was instead changed to a CPX2800H - you were paying shipping twice.


US Ultrasonics owes you a refund for shipping of  $166.64. Once you guys look this over and we're all straight, shoot me an email and I'll process the refund of shipping.


I hope this straightens it all out! If not, just let me know.