Jewelry Cleaning Powder


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    • Dave I appreciate the very quick response and offer to drop the shipping charge entirely. Wow! Great customer service. I\'m happy to pay for shipping, although not when it is more than 50% of the price of the product. How about we split it - you pay $7.50 and I\'ll do the same? Thank you, Beverly

      We aim to please. I know the shipping can seem like a lot, but UPS is what it is, and they always charge me according to weight and destination. In cases like these where it's excessive, though, I am always happy to help.

    • I just placed an order for the Jewelry Cleaning Powder. The cost of the product is $25.00, the cost of shipping is $15.00. Is there a less expensive shipping method? Had I know how much the shipping cost was prior to placing the order I would not have confirmed the order. Would appreciate a response as quickly as possible please. Thank you for your assistance. Beverly H

      Hi Beverly!

      I am happy to remove the shipping charge altogether for you. Thanks for giving me a chance to earn your business!