Branson Ultrasonic Tank, Series 8000, 10 to 50 gallons


Product Description

Branson Series 8000 industrial cleaning tanks are available in 4 sizes, ranging from five 10 Fifty gallons. Ultrasonic frequencies of 25 kHz and 40 kHz are offered.

(Note: Use 25 kHz for applications where cleaning intensity is the primary concern, Use 40 KHz for precision cleaning)

All Series 8000 tanks have drains and fills, and are made of type 316L bright-annealed stainless steel. This allows the use of alkaline, mildly acidic, or neutral aqueous solutions.

Branson tanks are available with or without integral heaters. Heated models are available to maintain solution temperatures up to 170F (76C).

All models are available with a stainless steel parts basket and/or tank cover.

Bottom-mounted positive drain connection.
Fully shielded internal components.

Stainless steel basket for parts handling.
Stainless steel tank cover.
Thermostatically-controlled heat.

Each Branson transducerized tank has a model number which contains important information to guide the selection of a properly rated comparison power supply. When making a selection, note the frequency.

For example: CH1012-40-12

This model number, stamped on the tank nameplate, indicates:

  • whether the tank has a heater (H = heated)  CH1012-40-12
  • the length of the tank in inches, left to right (10”)  CH1012-40-12
  • the width of the tank in inches, front to back (12”)  CH1012-40-12
  • the operating frequency (40kHz)  CH1012-40-12
  • and the number of attached piezoelectric transducer elements (12)  CH1012-40-12

To select the correct power supply for your transducerized tank, add the total number of transducer elements involved by using the information from the model number as explained. Then, select a power supply whose last two numbers exactly match the number of transducer elements.

Select your ultrasonic power supply



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