Elmasonic P Ultrasonic Cleaners

Elmasonic P Ultrasonic Cleaners

High end ultrasonic cleaners for the lab or the factory

The units of the Elmasonic P ultrasonic series are ideal helpers for all applications in analytical and medical laboratories as well as for applications in the industrial production. 6 different unit sizes are available. The practical units are easy to operate with a clearly arranged display showing all set and actual parameters. Several special features make the units perfect for intensive cleaning applications and for laboratory jobs.

Multi-frequency ultrasonics for any application

• Standard applications are carried out at 37 kHz. All units are considerably more powerful than conventional ultrasonic cleaner units. If the high energy density should prove too strong for individual cleaning jobs, it can be reduced electronically.

• Operating the unit at 80 kHz prolongs the cleaning time and is ideal for the treatment of very small and sensitive items. Even tiny capillaries are reached by the imploding microscopic cavitation bubbles. A positive side effect is the comfortably

 • Normal: for laboratory applications, e.g. mixing, dissolving and dispersing
• Pulse-function: activatable additional power through increased peak performance
• Sweep: for a uniform distribution of the ultrasonic power throughout the tank
• Degas: for the quick degassing of samples and HPLC solvents.
• Power control: optimized power regulation for special cleaning and laboratory applications
• Pause: interrupts the operation
• Auto-Start: automatic start when set temperature is reached

Elmasonic P Specification tables
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Elma P30H ultrasonic cleaner
Elmasonic P30H
$1,425.00 $1,446.00
Elma P180H ultrasonic cleaner
Elmasonic P180H
$3,899.00 $3,987.00
Elma P120H ultrasonic cleaner
Elmasonic P120H
$3,599.00 $3,656.00
Elma P300H ultrasonic cleaner
Elmasonic P300H
$4,399.00 $4,493.00
Elma P70H ultrasonic cleaner
Elmasonic P70H
$2,099.00 $2,157.00
Elma P60H ultrasonic cleaner
Elmasonic P60H
$1,999.00 $2,075.00