Product Description
Ultrasonics are great for removing daily dirt and grime from your gems, silver and gold - but they can't remove tarnish. Tarnish isn't dirt, it's a layer of oxidized metal on your silver.

Our silver cleaner removes the tarish, and restores your sterling and silver-plated jewelry to its original luster.

Simply dip your silver into the included basket, rinse and buff with a clean soft cloth.

7 oz. bottle - Shipping is free when purchased with an ultrasonic cleaner.


Ask a Question
  • I won a small store. I make jewelry from silver plated flateware. I spend hours using regular jewelry spray, paste, etc cleaners. I am hoping there is an ultrosonic machine that might help me save some time. I will be going wholesale soon so i need something that will clean the tarnish off and shine up the jewelry. I use differnet kinds of beads and stones in my jewelry so i want something that won't harm them. If you could please help me pick out the right ultrasonic cleaner for my business i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you Jennifer

    Hi Jennifer! Congratulations on your win of a store!

    The thing to understand here is that ultrasonics will clean silver pieces and jewelry, but tarnish will be unaffected, .ecause dart tarnish is not dirt or soil, it is a oxidation of the service of the silver itself.  For this reason, you have to remove the tarnish with a solvent of some type.  We offer an inexpensive silver cleaner which you can find here.