Elmasonic xtra ST from Elma Ultrasonic cleaners

Elmasonic xtra ST from Elma Ultrasonic cleaners

xtra robust and xtra cleaning performance for heavy-duty applications

  • Mobile single-tank devices in 7 sizes from 30 to 255 liters
  • 25/45 kHz multi-frequency technology for cleaning stubborn soils and sensitive surfaces with one device
  • Switchable Dynamic-, Pulse- and Sweep-functions for more ultrasonic performance
  • Long-lasting, robust design supports a 3-year warranty
  • Easy and clear control panel protected against spraying water

The 7-member xtra ST family comprises the workhorse units of Elmasonic industrial ultrasonic cleaner selection Applications are wide ranging exemplified by cleaning bottling equipment, prolonging the life of plastic injection molds and making newly fabricated assemblies ready for painting, plating or further processing.

Splash-proof LED-equipped control panels tell at a glance what frequency is being used – 25 or 45 kHz – which functions are operating, and the status of cleaning cycles in terms of time and cleaning solution temperature.

Cleaning tasks are further eased because the Elmasonic xtra ST units can be rolled to the site and positioned with lockable wheels.

These superior units come with a 3-year tank warranty (for single shift operation). If service is needed, simply swap out the control panel/generator assembly.   The new generator automatically tunes itself to the transducers.

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