Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

Integrated Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning systems, and separate ultrasonic tanks and generators to 50 gallons capacity.

Sometimes a tabletop ultrasonic cleaner just won't cut it - you need a larger tank, or the capability to add filtration, material handling or other options. 

Separate Industrial Tanks and Power Supplys

Our Series 8000 tanks and 8300 power supplies offer you the capability of keeping your tank and controls in separate locations - perfect for situations where the tank needs to be in a clean room, or where the noise from ultrasonic cleaning would be distracting in a quiet laboratory setting.

Series 8300 Ultrasonic Generators

Available in 25 or 40 kHz versions, and able to power multiple transducers in increments of 12,18, 24, 36, and 48 elements. The 8300 can drive even the largest and most powerful industrial cleaning systems. You can combine units to drive large custom tanks, and control the entire system remotely.

Series 8000 Heated Ultrasonic Tanks

Branson's stand alone ultrasonic tanks have all the features you need to set up your own custom cleaning system built in. All are made of type 316L Stainless Steel, and come with fill and drain fittings installed, for easy hook up of filtering and re-circulating systems, enabling continuous production.

Five gallon tanks (and their associated power supplies) can be powered with either 120 or 230v. Larger systems are 230v only. All tanks are available with or without heat, and with either 25 or 40 kHz ultrasonics.

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