Branson Analog Sonifier S-250 and S-450, 20kHz


Product Description

Sonifier® S-250A and S-450A analog ultrasonic processors includes many features to make the technician's work easier. 

200 Watt (S-250A) or 400 Watt (S-450A)

  • Auto tuning for optimum performance under varying conditions
  • Power output control to match power to the application
  • Continuous or timed (0-15 minutes) operation to free technician for other activities
  • Pulsed mode to minimize heat generation in thermally-sensative samples
  • Broad process range from 1ml to over 500 ml per sample
  • Power output meter to monitor power and permit reproducability
  • Compact design limits required counter space
  • Sloped front control panel for visibility and easy control access
  • Includes a high-efficiency converter which requires no internal cooling
  • Supplied with a standard 1/2" titanium horn that is suitable for many applications
  • A wide range of dedicated accessories to meet special needs


Ask a Question
  • Could you send me the Manual for this one? I need to know the power of each intensity since I'm interested to buy one which I know energy specifically. Thanks

    I'm sorry we don;t ahve tha manuals for the SOnifiers. You can get one by contating the factory at 203-796-0400/