Branson 2800 Cleaner

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Product Description

CPX2800H = Digital Controls and Heat

M2800H = Analog Controls and Heat

CPX2800 = Digital Controls , no Heat

M2800 = Analog Controls, no Heat

Branson 2800 ultrasonic cleaner, 3/4 gallon, 40 kHz

  • Tank is 9.5"l x 5.5"w x 4"d
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Branson 2800 ultrasonic cleaner - M2800, M2800H, CPX2800, CPX2800H. 3/4 gallon tank, 40 khz, Available with heat, degas and digital controls. FREE UPS ground shipping.

At three quarters of a gallon tank capacity, the Branson 2800 ultrasonic bath is a great all around tabletop unit capable of handling a wide range of small to medium size professional cleaning applications. The 2800 includes a chemical resistant outer shell, stainless steel tank, cover, and your choice of 4 amazing models.

M2800: The M2800 is the most basic of the 2800 line of ultrasonic baths, making it perfect for those who don't necessarily need the advanced features of the other units. The M2800 includes a rugged mechanical timer capable of 1 to 60 minute cycle times.

  • 40kHz Industrial Transducers
  • 60-minute Mechanical Timer (can be set to run continuously)
  • Tower Control Panel
  • Built-in Pour Drain (½ & ¾ gallon) or Side Mounted Drain

M2800H: Just like the M2800, the M2800H has a rugged mechanical timer with a 60 minute cycle time, but also includes a built in tank heater. Heat is very important when using an ultrasonic cleaner to process parts with heavy soil, or when disinfecting objects such as surgical tools.

  • Heated Cleaning – up to 69°C/156.2°F
  • 60-minute Mechanical Timer (can be set to run continuously)
  • 40kHz Industrial Transducers
  • Tower Control Panel
  • Built-in Pour Drain (½ & ¾ gallon) or Side Mounted Drain

CPX2800: The CPX2800 has a precise digital display with a number of features that make it perfect for any application that requires strict, consistent cleaning parameters.

  • Self-Adaptive Technology
  • Digital Tower Control Panel
  • Degassing & Conditioning
  • Sleep Mode

CPX2800H: Boasting all the same digital controls as the CPX2800, but also including a fully programmable in-tank heater, the CPX2800H is the ultimate, all around cleaner capable of any cleaning application.

  • Heated Cleaning – up to 69°C/156.2°F
  • Self-Adaptive Technology
  • Fully Programmable
  • High/low Power Control
  • Degas & Conditioning
  • Sleep Mode

Model 2800 Specifications

Overall Size 13.5"l x 12"w x 11.5"d
Tank Size 9.5"l x 5.5"w x 4"d
Weight 9 lbs
Frequency 40 kHz


Demonstration of the features on the Digital CPX and CPXH models


Ask a Question
  • How long should it take for the machine to heat from 102F to 156F

    We don't have that data in exact numbers, but if you turn on the heat, run the ultrasonics, and keep the lid on you should get to full temerature in less than 30 minutes.

  • Hello, which accessories do I need for the M2800H to appropriately clean ophthalmology surgical equipment?

    Just a mesh basket should be fine.

    If you have really tiny pieces/devices, you may want to get a beaker cover. Then you can clean those in beakers to make them easier to keep track of and clean them in batches. You can get a beaker cover for either 350ml or 600ml beakers.

  • Can the metal bath be used with acidic solvents, such as dilute hydrochloric acid?

    It would depend on the actual solution strength, I belive. For a more detailed answer, contact Branson at 203-796-0400.

  • What are FLA and voltage for the 2800.

    The CPX2800H is available in either 120 or 230 volt models. The 120v unit draws 1.1 amps @ 130 watts.