Product Description

Beakers are available in glass, polypropylene, and stainless steel. 250 and 600 ml beakers come with a rubber O-ring which can be used to adjust the height of the beaker as it sits in a beaker cover.

You can use  beakers and a beaker cover for multiple purposes:

  • simultaneously test different parts
  • simultaneously test different cleaning solutions
  • use your ultrasonic tank to completely lubricate a part without contaminating your cleaning solution
  • process multiple small batches of parts
  • indirect ultrasonic processes

We offer beakers in the following sizes and materials:

  • 250ml Glass Beaker, PN 000-140-001
  • 400ml Polypropylene Beaker, PN 000-265-061
  • 600ml Glass Beaker, PN 000-140-004
  • 600ml Stainless Steel Beaker, PN 000-410-055


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