Crest Powersonic P230 Ultrasonic Cleaner


P230H-45 115
Product Description

Crest P230 Ultrasonic cleaner, 3/4 gallon

  • Tank is 9.5' x 5.25" x 4" deep
  • Frequency: 42 - 45 kHz sweep (132 kHz units are available - full digital model only)
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  • Returns accepted of unused tanks < 15 days
  • Two year Factory Warranty, parts & labor
  • We are an authorized distributor of Crest Ultrasonics 

The Crest P230 boasts a full 80 watts of ultrasonic power and a small size - perfect for a Dr. or Dentist's office - or anywhere space is at a premium. Like all the new Crest Powersonic ultrasonic cleaners it is loaded up with features and comes in your choice of 3 sub models:

P230H: The P230H has the same 99 minute digital timer as the P230D, and also includes an in-tank heater, making it the superior choice for cleaning heavy or oil based contaminants.

  • Digital display of temperature and cleaning time
  • Adjustable cleaning time or continuous operation via digital display
  • Adjustable bath temperature of 20-80°C with digital display
  • Lift-off cover included

P230D: The most advanced model of the P230, it has an in tank heater like the H, but also features full digital controls with a 1 to 99 minute timer, power control, and a de-gas function.

  • Digital display of temperature, ultrasonic power and cleaning time
  • Adjustable cleaning time or continuous operation via digital display
  • Adjustable bath temperature of 20-80°C with digital display
  • Adjustable ultrasonic power in nine steps. This feature enables an optimal adjustment of the ultrasonic energy to the parts being cleaned
  • Degas function allows a variety of consistent sample prep applications
  • Lift-off cover included
Tank  in/cm Overall  in/cm Capacity  gal/ltr Weight  lbs/kg Sonic Wattage
9.5 x 5.25 x 4 11.5 x 6.375 x 9.25 0.75 11 80
237 x 134 x 100 265 x 162 x 295 2.8 4.1
  • Frequency: 40 kHz center, 42 - 45 kHz sweep (132 kHz units are available)
  • Lifetime Heater Warranty
  • Main On/Off Switch
  • Removable 6 ft. power cord
  • 3 language control panel (German, English and French)
  • Digital display of temperature, ultrasonic power and cleaning time
  • Ceramically Enhanced Industrial Transducers for greater power conversion at less wattage 
  • Lifting Handles
  • All models are available in either 117V or 230V - at the same price
  • Heavy Duty basket with unique folding drain handles available
  • 2 year parts and labor warranty
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Lift off cover included


Ask a Question
  • Does this Stainless Steel Auxiliary Pan for Crest CP230 fit inside the CP230D unit or sit on top? Will it work in my old 275HT? Also, is there a slightly larger version of this unit that uses a perforated basket instead of a mesh basket?

    Hi there! The Aux pans all sit on top of the cleaner. (The CP230 accessories fit the older Tru-Sweep 275 machines as well.)   The Aux pan that Crest makes are different from most solid trays you see made for ultrasonic cleaners. Crest welds an L bracket onto each end that overhangs the edge of the tank. This prevents the tray (aux pan) from going more than an inch or so into the water in the tank.   They do this because this way, you can clean two different items in two different solutions at once - one in the pan, and one in a mesh basket inside the tank itself.   You could also clean one part and lubricate another if you like.   There are multiple sizes of tanks - all of the Crest CP series machines use both mesh baskets and perf baskets, and there are Powersonic accessories for each of the older Tru-sweep tanks as well.