Industrial Curtain Walls for Dedicated Ultrasonic Cleaning Areas


Industrial curtain walls

While most people only run into ultrasonic cleaning at their dentist's or optometrist's office, if at all, for many it's part of their daily work.

In a manufacturing environment, properly setting up an ultrasonic cleaning station becomes more difficult. Not only is there a possibility for cross-contamination and re-soiling of already cleaned parts, but large ultrasonic tanks present a noise hazard.

In many cases, a separate clean room is constructed, but this is not always possible, or even the best way to address the issue, given the modern need for flexibility and quick changeover between models and product lines.

But the requirements are still there. You need a place to keep cleaning chemicals separate from the rest of the facility, and you may need to restrict personnel access.

Add to this the concerns already expressed above, and it becomes clear that just "putting the tanks over there in the corner" will not satisfy your company's needs and may leave you open to an unwelcome visit from OSHA. 

The most economical way to solve all these issues is to set up an ultrasonic cleaning room with Warehouse Curtains. They run as little as 10% the cost of dry wall, and if the room needs to be expanded or moved, it can be easily done by your current staff. 

Deciding Which Type of Warehouse Enclosure is Needed

 If noise abatement is an issue, an Acoustic Enclosure with fiberglass insulation and mass loaded vinyl may be the way to prevent damage to employees hearing as well as well as OSHA audits.

chart of sound shield effectiveness

The best way to determine what type of Enclosure you will need is to do Audiometric Testing using a Sound Meter. A surge in Volume above 85 decibels and below 250 hz will require an Acoustic Sound Enclosure. The number of Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners you are housing will determine which direction you go. 

strip curtains sound transmission loss

For a more detailed look at the effectiveness of Industrial Warehouse Curtains vs Noise Control Enclosures take a look at the Steel Guard Safety Products charts on their website to determine the proper product solution.

Do you need to set up your own ultrasonic cleaning area? Follow this link for more information on our selection of industrial ultrasonic cleaners.

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