Why Two Gun Tanks are Better Than One

As a business that buys and sells guns, you must take every precaution necessary to protect your customers. One crucial task that you're responsible for is cleaning every gun that comes into your possession. Doing so prevents accidents from happening while firing the firearm. It also helps protect the value of older guns that the manufacturer may no longer make.

What an Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Can Mean for Your Business

If you're new to the business or want to step up your operations, investing in an ultrasonic cleaning machine is an excellent option. It allows you to operate proficiently. It provides your business with essential equipment that promotes productivity and quality. When cared for regularly, it can last decades and still do an effective job of cleaning guns.

Here is why two gun tanks are better than one:

  • It allows you to clean twice as many guns in record time. You can do more business without extra effort. Your employees will get a consistent level of clean with every use. There are no discrepancies between users. The same effort is involved in using the machine each time someone turns it on. As long as they place the right amount of cleaning solution in the machine before use, it should turn out great.
  • They come ready to use. All you need to do is plug it in and add the cleaner. It's that simple. No complicated set-up process takes time to complete. You can even drain the solution with ease thanks to the drain valve.
  • All the cleaning solutions and machine extras can be found inside the box, eliminating additional costs. With a purchase of the S20 Double Tank Gun Cleaning System, you receive a gallon of Sonic Tonic, five gallons of Sonic Lube, two wire mesh suspension baskets with handles that have drain positions built-in, and two lid covers that fit over the tanks. When you invest in a machine of this caliber, you'll have it for a very long time. It's something that can significantly change the way that you operate each day.
  • If you need to repair one tank, you still have a second tank to rely on. If, for some reason, your one tank isn't cleaning firearms well, you have another tank to see you through until you can contact the manufacturer. It's one of the best ways to keep your business moving through challenging times. You won't need to resort to other methods of cleaning. You'll need to clean fewer guns at once.

Be the most productive and efficient version of yourself as possible. Represent your business with pride. Your customers will notice the difference when you're able to keep your store stocked with clean, secondhand firearms for them to purchase. They won't be concerned about their safety because they can see for themselves how well your gun shop's staff has cleaned them.

Buy from Sonics Online Today

Gun cleaner S20

Invest in the S20 Double Tank Gun Cleaning System today. You'll be able to clean twice as many guns in half the time. You'll get consistency with each cleaning session that you initiate, too. An ultrasonic cleaning system is worth its weight in gold because of all it does for your business.

Think of it as an investment that saves you time and makes you money. To show interest in our products or to purchase the system today, visit our online storefront. You can also reach out to us by calling 877-962-6847. We can't wait to show you what we're all about and why our customers trust us to sell them the best ultrasonic machines available currently.

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