Inspection Equipment for Ultrasonic Cleaning


Note: this document is related to our paper on Ultrasonic Cleaning Process Design.

If you’ve read our paper on process design, you know that step 1 is to define how clean is clean. You absolutely must have an objective, measurable standard for cleanliness. Otherwise, why not just keep cleaning?

Cleanliness standards can be as simple as:

“No visible residue when inspecting with the naked eye.”


“Wiping with a white lint-free rag shows no contamination.”

But that won’t do it for more high precision cleaning applications. There are times when you have to find much tinier contaminants, or look for microscopic substrate imperfections. For these applications, you need a higher level of magnification.

The first step on the road to more exact inspection is the Vizor Microscope from Scienscope. You can find the Vizor right here on under the Microscope heading.

The Vizor will allow inspection at up to 10x, along with a big, bright, 3D image. It's perfect for checking for surface contamination and defects.

Some applications, of course, require greater magnification, and for those we offer a full line of microscopes on our sister site

SMT showcases Scienscope microscopes, digital inspection systems, and magnifiers, as well as magnifiers from O.C.White. 

As an example of the capabilities offered, above you can see the MAC-PK5D-E2D digital inspection system. This system includes the following features:

MACRO video zoom optics on dual arm boom stand with diffused compact LED ring light (IL-LED-E2D). Features 23" HD LCD monitor and capture software.

  • Up to 65x magnification
  • 8 inch working distance
  • NEW 1080p HDMI/USB camera
  • SD card
  • 23" HD Monitor
  • Video capture software included
  • (Includes HDMI cable, USB cable, and mouse.

As you can see, this is a far cry from a simple binocular microscope, and it's just one of dozens of options on


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