The Advantages of Owning a Double Tank Gun Cleaning System

If you're in the business of selling firearms, having a machine that can clean them quickly is imperative to your success. After all, used guns may have had someone handle them hundreds of times before they arrive at your shop. In the days of COVID-19, you can never be too careful.

Clean and lubricated firearms are appealing. They attract the attention of the people that want to buy them. In a storefront that sells guns, you want your used merchandise to look as good as your brand new items. Thanks to a highly efficient and economical machine such as the S20 Double Tank Gun Cleaning System, you'll have just what you need to keep your display cases stocked.

What Makes a Double Tank Gun Cleaning System an Excellent Investment

Investing in a double tank gun cleaning system helps speed up the process of cleaning and lubricating guns. While one batch goes through the cleaning cycle, the other can be going through the lubrication cycle. The result is less manpower used to handle a large inventory, and more time to focus on pricing, stocking, and selling the guns, you've gotten in.

Some of the advantages of owning a double tank gun cleaning system are:

  • Separate tanks for cleaning and lubricating guns. Do twice the work in less time.
  • One gallon of Sonic Tonic for cleaning. Additional gallons of the product costs extra.
  • Five gallons of Sonic Lube for lubricating. If you need more lubricant, you can purchase it on our website anytime.
  • Wire mesh suspension baskets with drain position handles for easier cleaning and lubricating. It makes loading and removing firearms fast without creating a big mess to clean up later.
  • A lid cover for each tank in the event you want to use only one tank and not the other. You can keep the merchandise protected along with your employees by keeping the tanks covered while in use.
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel, which is durable and long-lasting. The outside of the machine is easy to clean, too, helping it look great for years while you use it to clean and lubricate guns.
  • Drain valve makes it easy to change out Sonic Tonic and Sonic Lube without making a big mess. You'll have no problem removing the old cleaning and lubricating products and refilling the five gallons tanks with new solutions.

There are many benefits to owning a machine that does double duty. As mentioned above, it saves you time and money. It's an effortless process that requires very little upkeep outside of the draining and refilling of the tanks. You even get your first gallon of Sonic Tonic and the first five gallons of Sonic Lube as part of the initial purchase.

One of the tanks can also be used for rinsing if you find that the firearms that you have available are much dirtier than you anticipated them to be. Rinsing them well allows you to see if they're ready to be stocked where your customers can view them. If they aren't clean enough to meet your standards, you can run them through the cleaning cycle once again.

Give Your Employees Easy-to-Use Tools That Maximize Cleaning Efficiency

Before you purchase the S20 Double Tank Gun Cleaning System, it's wise to know as much as you can about the machine. That way, when it does arrive at your business, you'll have no problem whatsoever using it. You can train your employees on the proper cleaning method required to clean and lubricate firearms. The entire process should only take minutes, making it possible to take care of a large number of guns in very little time.

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