Branson 3800 Cleaner


Product Description

CPX3800H = Digital Controls and Heat

M3800H = Analog Controls and Heat

CPX3800 = Digital Controls , no Heat

M3800 = Analog Controls, no Heat

Branson 3800 ultrasonic cleaner, 1.5 gallon, 40 kHz

  • Tank is 11.5"l x 6"w x 6"d
  • Ships from stock
  • Free US48 Ground shipping
  • Returns accepted of unused tanks within 15 days
  • Two year Factory Warranty, parts & labor
  • We are an authorized distributor of Branson Ultrasonics 

Branson 3800 ultrasonic cleaner - M3800, M3800H, CPX3800, CPX3800H. 1.5 gallon tank, 40 khz, Available with heat, degas and digital controls. FREE UPS ground shipping.

Right in the middle of Branson Ultrasonic's new line of tabletop cleaners, the 3800 boasts a 1.5 gallon tank, making it great for any number of light industrial or other ultrasonic cleaning applications. The Branson 3800 features an all stainless steel tank, chemical resistant outer shell, cover, and your choice of four models.

M3800: The M3800 is a very simple, easy to use unit featuring a rugged mechanical timer capable of 1 to 60 minute cycle times. Need a bare-bones ultrasonic bath without all the bells and whistles? This is the unit for you.

  • 40kHz Industrial Transducers
  • 60-minute Mechanical Timer (can be set to run continuously)
  • Tower Control Panel
  • Built-in Pour Drain (½ & ¾ gallon) or Side Mounted Drain

M3800H: The M3800H keeps the rugged simplicity of the M3800, but also includes a built in tank heater, making it the better choice for machine shops, engine repair, or any application where heavy soils need to be removed.

  • Heated Cleaning – up to 69°C/156.2°F
  • 60-minute Mechanical Timer (can be set to run continuously)
  • 40kHz Industrial Transducers
  • Tower Control Panel
  • Built-in Pour Drain (½ & ¾ gallon) or Side Mounted Drain

CPX3800: The CPX3800 has the fully programmable digital controls that those who demand precision cleaning have come to expect from Branson Ultrasonics.

  • Self-Adaptive Technology
  • Digital Tower Control Panel
  • Degassing & Conditioning
  • Sleep Mode

CPX3800H: The ultimate Branson 3800, the CPX3800H has the full digital suite of the CPX3800, but also includes a completely programmable, thermostatically controlled in-tank heater, making it the superior choice for scientific and medical applications.

  • Heated Cleaning – up to 69°C/156.2°F
  • Self-Adaptive Technology
  • Fully Programmable
  • High/low Power Control
  • Degas & Conditioning
  • Sleep Mode

Model 3800 Specifications

Overall Size 16"l x 12"w x 14.5"d
Tank Size 11.5"l x 6"w x 6"d
Weight 12 lbs
Frequency 40 kHz

Demonstration of the features on the Digital CPX and CPXH models


Ask a Question
  • Do you have beakers and a lid that will hold them that fits a Branson CPX3800H?

    We do! In fact, the 3800 is one of two models that offer you either 250ml or 600ml beakers and beaker covers. Here’s the links to the stuff you need: Beakers: We have glass (Pyrex) beakers in 250 and 600ml; Stainless steel beakers in 600ml only
    Beaker covers for Branson 3800: holds three 250ml beakers,   holds two 600ml beakers

  • Do you have signage to post near this equipment?

    We do not. We do recommend that you keep the manula handy, and assign responsibility for the machine to a specific person. That person should read The Ultrasonic FAQ as well, to become well versed in ultrasonic cleaning.

  • is a tray (solid or perforated) or basket required or recommended to use this unit?

    From The Ultrasonic FAQ:

    Items being cleaned should never be placed directly on the tank bottom. Transducers (which produce the ultrasound) are bonded to the bottom of the tank. Items resting directly on the tank bottom can damage the transducers and/or reduce cavitation. Additionally, a tray or beaker will position the item within the optimal cleaning zone of the tank. The tray or beaker will also hold the load together and allow for easy, no-touch removal, draining and transport of the items to the next step in the cleaning process.

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