Branson Ultrasonic Generator, Series 8300


GCX-25-12 - OEM I/O
Product Description


Branson's Series 8300 Ultrasonic tanks and generators provide the ultimate in cleaning process flexibility.

With tank sizes ranging from five to fifty gallons, and either 25 or 40 kHz ultrasonics, we're sure to have the correct system for your production needs.


  • Line/load regulation compensates for liquid level and temperature changes as well as line voltage and load variations
  • True variable power control makes the cavitation intensity (not duty cycle) variable from 20% to 100%
  • Sweep frequency minimizes standing waves and improves ultrasonic activity distribution; operates at a rate of 80 Hz per second across a bandwidth of 1400 Hz
  • Auto tuning maintains optimum operating frequency around your application
  • I/O interface option permits remote on/off control of the generator
  • Safety features to protect the generator include over-temperature, overload, open circuit, and short circuit
  •  Indirect cabinet cooling – sensitive components are isolated from potentially contaminated cooling air
  • 19 inch, 3 DIN rack mount cabinet
  • Status indicators for safety and fault alarms
  • CSA certified and meets FCC regulations
  • Two-year warranty period
  • Element Configurations 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48
  • Input Voltage 110 V, 220 V* (110v 12 element only)
  • Average Output Power 40 Watts per element
  • Output Frequency 25 or 40 kHz
  • Regulatory Approvals FCC and CSA
  • Dimensions 17.5”W x 16.8”D x 5.5” H
  • Weight 30 lb. (13.6 kg)


Ask a Question
  • we supplied an ultrasonic system to one of our customers an 8500. they do not like to have to raise the power every time they start it up. is there a way to have it default to the high or 100 % power each time it is restarted

    Good question, but not one I can answer. I suggest calling Branson and asking for customer support. They are at 203-796-0400. They're open from 9-5 EST M-F. Also, ask them for the contact info for your local manufacturers' rep. Those people are out there ot help in exactly these kind of situations.