DHA1000 Industrial Cleaner


Product Description

The DHA-1000 has been discontinued.

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The DHA-1000 is used mainly for light to heavy industrial cleaning applications. This unit features:

  • Fully integrated ultrasonic cleaning tank and generator.
  • Sturdy 304L stainless steel tank, which lacks corner welds or other soil attracting surfaces.
  • 10 gallons of cleaning capacity.
  • 1000 watt, low-watt density heaters.
  • Everything is solid state - no fans or other moving parts.


Ask a Question
  • Could I get a formal quote for DHA1000-6R Branson washer?

    Of course. Send your ship to address to dave at usultrasonics dot com, along with your preferred voltage - 110v or 230v. You'll also want to indicate whether or not yo uneed a tank cover and a parts basket.