Ultrasonic Cleaning – Better for the Environment


ultrasonic cleaning is greenToday we’re going to take a look at why ultrasonic cleaning is THE choice for the environment. More and more people, companies, and organizations have begun to realize the importance of reducing their “environmental footprint”.

 “Going Green” is now a huge concern for many people, as it should be. So in an effort to facilitate this new and ever increasing need, many consumers are looking at new ways to be more environmentally friendly in every facet of their lives or business, and that includes cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning has been a environmentally superior option since it’s inception over 50 years ago, but only now are we really starting to realize what a great option it is.

Standard industrial cleaning methods:

  • Rely on harsh, toxic chemicals and solvents that are not only harmful in and of themselves, but also tend to evaporate, poluting the very air we breath.
  • Produce a large waste stream
  • Use a lot of electricity and heat
  • Are not as precise, requiring repeated or extended wash cycles

Ultrasonic baths on the other hand only take advantage of environmentally safe detergents, that are non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable, and phosphate-free. Not only are these cleaning detergents safer for the environment, but for the end user as well, as they are no more harmful than detergents one may find in their own home.

Ultrasonic cleaners are also extremely energy efficient. Other cleaning methods, especially those found in heavy industry or manufacturing, use complex cleaning methods involving powerful pumps and sometimes even gas generators. Ultrasonics on the other hand purely use electricity to do their work, the production of which is becoming more and more environmentally friendly every day. Ultrasonic units also tend to clean much faster than other cleaning methods, resulting in the use of less electricity over time.

Water consumption is another factor to look at when deciding to use an ultrasonic bath. Many cleaning methods, such as pressure washing, can use gallon upon gallon of water to clean a single part. Ultrasonics on the other hand utilizes a static amount of water for the entire cleaning process. Not only that, but tanks of water and cleaning solution can be used multiple times! The same gallon of water can be used to clean several batches of parts, while other cleaning methods would need untold gallons to acheive the same result.

When all the above is taken into account, it is clear that if ultrasonics is even a possibility for your cleaning application, it is worth looking into.

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