How To Choose Jewelry Cleaner Solution


When people hear the term “ultrasonic jewelry cleaner”, their minds  are automatically filled with images of high technology. While ultrasonics sure sound fancy, they’ve been around for more than 50  years, and at their core, they simply scrub in a very clever way. But  like most cleaning methods that employ abrasion or friction to remove  soils, a soap or jewelry cleaning solution is needed to get gems and  precious metals to their full luster.

What Makes Jewelry Cleaning  Soap Special?

As one could imagine, certain chemicals react with certain materials  in  different ways. Over the years, people have found certain  compounds  that not only leave most kinds of gems sparkling clean,  but have no  risk of damaging the gems, metals, or settings  themselves. In short,  all a jewelry cleaning detergent is, is a soap  made specifically to  remove common soils from most jewelry while  not damaging the  jewelry itself.

How can I make my own jewelry cleaner?

So once you’ve decided to grab yourself some jewelry cleaner, it’s time to decide which way you want to go. You have three very basic choices here:

Go Without – While it’s recommended to use some sort of jewelry safe detergent, sometimes you can get away with a simple tank of hot water. Generally if a piece just needs a quick sprucing up that a quick rinse in a hot tap wont fix, a dip in the jewelry bath will shine it right up.

Make Your Own – What a lot of people don’t realize about ultrasonics is, is that you don’t necessarily need specialty, ultrasonic cleaner only concentrates to properly clean your jewelry. Over the years it has been proven time and again that a few drops of a citrus based dish soap (the kind that you hand wash with, not the machine kind) in an ultrasonic bath works wonders for removing the vast majority of common soils from jewelry.

Go Like the Pros – There are many pre-mixed jewelry cleaning concentrates out there that have not only been formulated to clean jewelry, but also to be used specifically in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. A couple examples are the Branson JC Jewelry Cleaning Concentrate, which is a liquid based concentrate that mixes at around 1 part per 10, and our Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning Powder. Both are professional grade cleaners and are aimed at customers such as jewelers and jewelry manufacturers.

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