Ultrasonic cleaning for pet lovers - Clean clippers, perches, filters and more!


Ultrasonic-cleaning-for-pet-lovers---Clean-clippers,-perches,-filters-and-more!Nobody likes a funky monkey – or cat, for that matter. Just like human beings, all animals get dirty, and soil their environment. After a while (with some animals a SHORT while) things can get pretty messy, and if left unchecked health problems will arise. It’s our job as our animal’s keepers to keep things clean and healthy for them. But with so many things to clean, how do you go about it. One way that’s quickly catching on for a number of pet related cleaning applications is ultrasonics.

How Ultrasonics Scrubs Things Clean.

Using a powerful process called “cavitation”, ultrasonic baths use microscopic vacuum bubbles to scrub things clean. When these bubbles strike a surface from being pushed along by high frequency sound waves, they collapse. This causes the surrounding water and cleaning solution to blast into the space the bubble once occupied. Think of it as millions of microscopic pressure washers cleaning an object from all angles at once.

As you can imagine this gets things just about as clean as they can get, and if the proper cleaning concentrate is used, can totally disinfect as well. So exactly can the pet owner clean in an ultrasonic tank? Well that depends largely on what kind of animal you have.

So What Can Ultrasonic Baths Clean?

Dog and cat owners common use ultrasonic cleaners to clean their grooming instruments. Over time electric clipper, dremels, nail trimmers, and even scissors can get gummed up with small bits of hair, dander, and other refuse. By placing trimmer heads and scissors and the like in an ultrasonic cleaner, you can get them completely free of soil and as clean or cleaner than the day you bought them! Keep in mind however that ultrasonics scrub off EVERYTHING, so re lubrication of some parts may be necessary.

Have a reptile or other small animal? Ultrasonics can be implemented to clean things for them too! A small animals enclosure can get dirty pretty fast. One way to keep things clean is to throw non-living ornaments, such as acrylic logs, plastic plants, and even fake grass mats into an ultrasonic bath with an animal safe cleaning detergent. This will leave things pristine once again, and with regular cleaning your small animal will stay healthy for years to come.

Aquarists can also take great advantage of ultrasonic cleaning. To cut costs, rocks, driftwood, and other items are often harvested from nature to decorate one’s fish tank. These wild-found items however have the possibility of spreading harmful pathogens into the tank without proper cleaning. After boiling the items for at least 30 minutes, an ultrasonic cleaner can be used to scour away any remaining loose soil or organic matter from rocks and driftwood. Ultrasonics have also been found to speed up the process of leaching tannins out of new pieces of driftwood!

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