Ultrasonic Cleaners and How to Use Them


Choosing a Jewelry Cleaning Machine for Your Business 0

The Branson B200 Jewelry Cleaner is among the best options you have for cleaning jewelry. As a business, you can provide your customers with a high-demand service that delivers fantastic results. People who want their jewelry to look its best trust a professional over themselves because of the equipment and skill your business provides.
B200 Jewelry Cleaner

The Right Jewelry Cleaning Machine to Meet Your Needs

Jewelry cleaning machines range in size, function, and speed. Finding an option that works best for you right away ensures that you’re able to get as much use from the product and cleaning solutions as possible. You don’t waste money on equipment and supplies that don’t do an excellent job of cleaning the dirtiest, grimiest jewelry.

Here are the things you need to do to choose a jewelry cleaning machine for your business:

Set a budget for the expense. You know how much money you can reasonably spend on an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine. You want to account for the amount of solution you’ll need, too, to professionally clean people’s jewelry for them. Having a budget in mind for the expense allows you to see the value of the product better. It allows you to get a larger return on your investment right away by helping you set prices for your cleaning services.
Learn about its cleaning capabilities. With 40 kHz cleaning power, you don’t need to put a lot of thought into using the machine. It does a thorough job of cleaning jewelry of all types. You should refer to our jewelry cleaning guide for a list of items that you should not place in the Branson B200. Some materials are far too fragile to clean in a machine. They’ll need someone to clean them manually.
Decide how much cleaning solution you need. You’ve got many options to choose from, including silver or pearl cleaner. Cleaning solution packages help save you money. You can select the right cleaners to meet your needs and budget after looking through our inventory of products online. You’ll have plenty of cleaning solution on hand at any given time, so you experience no interruptions in your business.
Give the machine a thorough testing. The best way to learn how a machine works is to test it out. Giving it a thorough testing is imperative. It allows you and your employees to work with the cleaner with the greatest of ease. You’ll then be able to handle the demand for cleaning services without any interference stopping you or your staff.

The right jewelry cleaning machine is an asset. It cuts the amount of time that you spend cleaning jewelry in half. That means that you’re able to take care of more customers in less time, leading to greater profits for you. It also requires very little work to operate, making it something that every one of your employees can do when you’re not present in your business.

Which Brand and Model Should You Invest Your Money Into?

Among the most important decisions that you’ll make as a businessperson is which tools and ultrasonic cleaners to invest in now. Luckily, Branson makes it easy for you to choose its products. Full of benefits that meet your needs as a business that cleans and sells jewelry, you’ve got options worth looking into today.

The right jewelry cleaning machine is easy-to-use and requires no extra skill to operate. Any of your employees can use it and make fast work of cleaning the dirtiest gold and silver jewelry. Best of all, you can take care of as many of your customers as possible, with little effort by investing in a single machine.
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Which Ultrasonic Cleaner is Right for You? 0

Are you in the market for an ultrasonic cleaner but aren't sure which would best benefit you? If a tabletop cleaner is what you're looking to buy, you're in luck. We have many brands and sizes for you to choose from in stock today.

The three main ultrasonic cleaner brands that we carry are Branson Ultrasonics, Crest Ultrasonics, and Gemoro. Each comes with an excellent two-year warranty. There are also units in various sizes that hold 15 ounces to 50 gallons depending on what you need. If you have a large number of tools, instruments, or pieces of jewelry that require cleaning daily, you'll know that you made the right decision by buying the largest tank you can afford.

All cleaners that hold two gallons or more have integrated drains and tank covers that get put with them at the time of shipping. That way, they're ready for use right outside the box. Once you've added the solution to the tank, you'll be good to go. You and your staff can start cleaning items right away without interruption.

M1800H Branson Ultrasonic Cleaner


Dependable, Branson cleaners are among our top sellers. People love their digital controls. Their plastic cases are strikingly attractive and look right at home in laboratories, medical facilities, and research facilities. It doesn't matter who uses the machine, either, because you'll get the same level of clean with every cleaning cycle.

Crest Ultrasonic Cleaners


Rugged, stainless steel makes up Crest ultrasonic cleaners. The high-powered machines are excellent for use in shop floors where they'll get a lot of use regularly. Crest tabletop cleaners can be wheeled from one location to the next when plugged into an extension cord. You won't need to go to it when it can come to you.


If you own a business that cleans jewelry, you'll want the best of the best ultrasonic machine for getting the job done well. Gemoro Next-Gen is our recommendation. It comes with the accessories that you need to use it right away. Referring to our guide for cleaning jewelry helps you prevent putting in materials that could be damaged by the machine.

You've now got a feel for the different brands that we carry and where you can use them. Deciding the model based on the size that you need is the next step. You want the cleaner to be big enough to use with little stress but not so big that you don't use it enough.

Cleaning supplies are available for all models of machines. You can order them at the time that you buy your ultrasonic cleaner or on an as-needed basis, whichever you prefer. We make it easy for you to buy from us now and in the future when your business grows, and you need additional cleaners to get the job done well.

Place an Order for Your Tabletop Ultrasonic Cleaner Today

Tabletop ultrasonic cleaners have their benefits. Now that you know which brand does what, you'll have an easier time choosing one for your place of business. It doesn't matter if it's in a laboratory, shop, or jewelry store. You've got a unique solution that meets your cleaning needs sufficiently.

Sonics Online offers you the best ultrasonic cleaners in the industry. If you have a question about the different cleaners we carry, let us know. Our FAQ page should answer most of the questions that you have about purchasing cleaners. We've tried to address everything we thought you might want to know about ultrasonic cleaners.

Refer to it often and also feel free to contact us directly. We're here to assist you in every way that we can. We want you to feel confident in your purchasing decision. Call us today so we can help you choose a tabletop ultrasonic cleaner for your business.

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Get Heavy-Duty Cleaning Projects Done Quickly with the Elmasonic Xtra ST 0

Heavy-duty cleaning projects require you to pull out all the stops. Although many ultrasonic cleaning brands exist, few have the power that Elma products have. The single-tank devices come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. There are seven to choose from, with the smallest holding 30 liters and the largest holding 255 liters at once.

To make purchasing an Elma product quick and easy for you, we've created a short guide highlighting its many benefits and features. It's a way to acquaint yourself with the different models we have available so you can get the most bang from your buck. When you invest in a machine like this one, you're able to clean the largest and dirtiest items without any real effort involved.

Training your employees on how to use the machine takes very little time. It's something that you won't lose days doing. One or two walkthroughs demonstrating how to add and drain solution as well as power the machine on and off often does the trick.


What You See is What You Get

Many benefits come with owning a machine of this caliber. The first is its switchable functions. You can choose between Dynamic, Pulse, and Sweep for the best results. Changing up the cleaning cycle ensures that the 25/45 kHz multi-frequency technology removes the most soil and cleans sensitive surfaces without damaging them.

With a three-year warranty, you can't go wrong. Your purchase has protection, which keeps you from paying out-of-pocket expenses on repairs that are not your fault. The machine also has a clear control panel for read-outs that receive protection from spraying water.

You'll know right away if the machine is operating at 25 or 45 kHz, how long it has been cleaning the items inside of it, and the temperature of the cleaning solution. The machine locks in place with its wheels and works well with other Elma products.

The Ultrasonic Cleaner Allows You to Swap Out the Control Panel Effortlessly

One of the most remarkable features of the machine is that if it requires service, you can swap out the control panel/generator assembly. There is no configuration needed. The new generator adapts automatically to the tune of the transducers.

You don't lose valuable time waiting for someone to do the task for you. Instead, you don't miss a beat by swapping out the control panel needing service with one that is ready-to-use. When time is money, nothing is more important than cleaning with efficiency.

Purchase Ultrasonic Cleaners from Sonics Online

The case for buying ultrasonic cleaners from us remains strong. We have one of the best selections of Elma products available. We carry the Elma Xtra St 300H, 500H, 600H, 800H, 1400H, 1600H, and 2500H. We also sell extra accessories as well as powerful cleaning agents for your new machine.

Let us know what types of machines you want for your business. We work with you and your budget to create the custom set-up that best benefits you. When you have large parts that you want to clean at once in an easy single-tank set-up, you've come to the right place.

Elma ultrasonic cleaners are among the best in the industry. They're sleek, compact, and efficient. They do the job that you need to do and do it very well.

Let us know what we can do to assist you with your needs now and in the future. We pride ourselves on being the type of ultrasonics dealer that goes above and beyond what our customers expect from us. Your satisfaction is our number one priority at all times.

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The Advantages of Owning a Double Tank Gun Cleaning System 0

If you're in the business of selling firearms, having a machine that can clean them quickly is imperative to your success. After all, used guns may have had someone handle them hundreds of times before they arrive at your shop. In the days of COVID-19, you can never be too careful.

Clean and lubricated firearms are appealing. They attract the attention of the people that want to buy them. In a storefront that sells guns, you want your used merchandise to look as good as your brand new items. Thanks to a highly efficient and economical machine such as the S20 Double Tank Gun Cleaning System, you'll have just what you need to keep your display cases stocked.

What Makes a Double Tank Gun Cleaning System an Excellent Investment

Investing in a double tank gun cleaning system helps speed up the process of cleaning and lubricating guns. While one batch goes through the cleaning cycle, the other can be going through the lubrication cycle. The result is less manpower used to handle a large inventory, and more time to focus on pricing, stocking, and selling the guns, you've gotten in.

Some of the advantages of owning a double tank gun cleaning system are:

  • Separate tanks for cleaning and lubricating guns. Do twice the work in less time.
  • One gallon of Sonic Tonic for cleaning. Additional gallons of the product costs extra.
  • Five gallons of Sonic Lube for lubricating. If you need more lubricant, you can purchase it on our website anytime.
  • Wire mesh suspension baskets with drain position handles for easier cleaning and lubricating. It makes loading and removing firearms fast without creating a big mess to clean up later.
  • A lid cover for each tank in the event you want to use only one tank and not the other. You can keep the merchandise protected along with your employees by keeping the tanks covered while in use.
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel, which is durable and long-lasting. The outside of the machine is easy to clean, too, helping it look great for years while you use it to clean and lubricate guns.
  • Drain valve makes it easy to change out Sonic Tonic and Sonic Lube without making a big mess. You'll have no problem removing the old cleaning and lubricating products and refilling the five gallons tanks with new solutions.

There are many benefits to owning a machine that does double duty. As mentioned above, it saves you time and money. It's an effortless process that requires very little upkeep outside of the draining and refilling of the tanks. You even get your first gallon of Sonic Tonic and the first five gallons of Sonic Lube as part of the initial purchase.

One of the tanks can also be used for rinsing if you find that the firearms that you have available are much dirtier than you anticipated them to be. Rinsing them well allows you to see if they're ready to be stocked where your customers can view them. If they aren't clean enough to meet your standards, you can run them through the cleaning cycle once again.

Give Your Employees Easy-to-Use Tools That Maximize Cleaning Efficiency

Before you purchase the S20 Double Tank Gun Cleaning System, it's wise to know as much as you can about the machine. That way, when it does arrive at your business, you'll have no problem whatsoever using it. You can train your employees on the proper cleaning method required to clean and lubricate firearms. The entire process should only take minutes, making it possible to take care of a large number of guns in very little time.

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Your Most Pressing Ultrasonic Cleaner Questions Answered 0

During a health scare, nothing is more helpful than ultrasonic cleaners. Designed to make fast work out of cleaning the largest items without breaking them down, they're a standard in multiple industries. We divide them into three categories, which are small jewelry and denture cleaners, benchtop ultrasonics, and industrial ultrasonics. To better understand how each works, we're answering some of the most pressing questions you have about their functions and usage.

Let's start with one of the most popular questions people ask the search engines, which is "Where to buy ultrasonic cleaners?". You'll learn very quickly that not all retailers online are created equally. Some put their customers' needs first by giving them the time and answers they need to make an informed purchasing decision.

Where to Buy Ultrasonic Cleaners?

SonicsOnline.com is your online resource for Branson Ultrasonic and Crest Powersonic Cleaners. We carry the top models in your price range so that you have options that benefit you best. You'll learn more about the capabilities of each brand and its products by reading the descriptions we've included for each on our website. We also sell cleaners and accessories that go with the various models of ultrasonic cleaners we have available for purchase.

What are Ultrasonic Cleaners Used for?

In the simplest terms, they're used to remove built-up dirt and grime through processes known as cavitation and degassing. The cleaner helps break the bond between object and dirt, ensuring a healthier and deeper level of clean. The amount of time spent in the ultrasonic cleaner, as well as the temperature at which an object is cleaned, determines the result for each item placed in the machine.

Some items that you clean in a Branson or Crest cleaner include dentures, jewelry, tools, medical and dental instruments, and machine parts. Reading the manufacturer's guide to the machine you've purchased helps you understand what items cannot be placed and cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner.

Do Ultrasonic Cleaners Disinfect?

Although it will clean objects, it will not disinfect and sterilize them. A separate machine is required to make the items sterile. What it can do is remove the toughest dirt and grime on items and parts, restoring them to a new level of cleanliness. There is no variance in the level of cleanliness between operators of the machine, either, because consistency is a benefit of all ultrasonic cleaners.

Can Ultrasonic Cleaners Damage Jewelry?

Yes, they can. Some materials cannot go inside the machines. They are amber, opal, jade, turquoise, onyx, pearls, and peridot. You should not place jewelry containing the stone or pearls in an ultrasonic cleaner. Instead, you should opt to hand clean the pieces using the utmost care.

You'll also want to be mindful of the types of cleaning agents you use when cleaning jewelry in your ultrasonic cleaner. Citrus-based dish soap is ideal because it cuts grease and grime while keeping the cost of each cleaning low. If you clean jewelry for customers for a living, you'll want to keep your overhead costs down as much as possible.

Choose the Brand and Model of Ultrasonic Cleaner That Best Meets Your Needs

Now that you have had some of your most pressing ultrasonic cleaner questions answered, it's time to pick out a model that works well for what you need to use it for in your business or workplace. Rather than experience a shortage of supplies, you'll remain well-stocked by cleaning and reusing what you already have on hand. You can lengthen the lifespan of objects by being proactive about how frequently you clean them in the future.

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The Advantages of Branson Ultrasonic Cleaners 0

Time is money, and money-saving machines and processes expedite tasks while using less energy. That's what makes Branson ultrasonic cleaners advantageous. The machines clean in record time and without disassembling the assembly that your workers are cleaning. If that wasn't enticing enough, they're also safer for your employees because they don't come into direct contact with hazardous cleaning solutions.

What Makes Branson Ultrasonic Cleaners Among the Best Options Available

Offering a fast return on your initial investment, it won't be long before you praise the manufacturer for creating a cleaner that maximizes efficiency while saving you a significant amount of money. To better understand just how advantageous models such as the 1800, 2800, 3800, 5800, 8800, and B200 Jewelry Cleaner are, it's important to take note of the different benefits the machines have to offer you.

Below, you'll find some of the things that make Branson ultrasonic cleaners worth spending money on today. In addition to faster cleaning speeds, you'll get better results with less effort, a consistent, clean overall, safety and environmental agency compliance, and space-saving solutions.

Fast Cleaning Speeds

Customers expect efficiency when having items cleaned. With a machine that doesn't require your employees to disassemble the objects that they're cleaning, you're able to handle twice the workload in less time. That means you're ready to handle an influx of business without missing a beat.

Better Results With Less Effort

There is far less labor involved with Branson ultrasonics. The cleaners are easy to set-up and use. You can train your employees to learn how to use them in very little time, making it possible for them to do other tasks while the machines clean.

A Consistent Clean Overall

The level of cleanliness achieved is satisfactory, no matter how big or small the item that you're cleaning is in size. It's also not dependent on the thoroughness of the person operating the cleaner. Branson machines deliver the same level of clean day after day.

Safety and Environmental Agency Compliance

Dangerous chemicals are hazardous to workers' health. You can avoid potential problems with safety and environmental agencies by replacing your current cleaning method with a more environmentally-friendly solution that doesn't raise concerns. It's better for your employees and the planet.

Space-Saving Solutions

Branson ultrasonic cleaners are compact, meaning that they fit neatly into even the smallest spaces. If you have a business full of equipment, it can be hard to fathom how you'll make room for a high-powered cleaner. The manufacturer considered the impact a smaller machine would have in the workplace and decided to make it one of its many selling points.

As you can see, the list of advantages is numerous, and most businesses aren't aware of how beneficial the ultrasonic cleaners are until they see them in action. When you purchase a Branson Jewelry Cleaner, 2800, or 8800, you're investing in your company's future. If productivity is a value of yours, you'll be pleased with the results that you receive with a highly efficient cleaner of the highest caliber.

Who Can Benefit from a Branson Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Many industries can benefit from ultrasonic cleaning machines of all sizes. For example, some of the customers we provide products to include medical and dental labs, industrial companies dealing with heavy machinery, electronics, jewelry, and laboratories. Each has items that require pristine levels of clean.

Save time, money, energy, and the health of your employees with an investment of a Branson ultrasonic cleaner. If you have questions about a specific model, let us know so we can address them right away. Call 1-877-962-6847 to request more information about how you can offer a deeper level of clean to your customers.
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