Ultrasonic Cleaners and How to Use Them


Ultrasonic cleaning for pet lovers - Clean clippers, perches, filters and more! 0

Ultrasonic-cleaning-for-pet-lovers---Clean-clippers,-perches,-filters-and-more!Nobody likes a funky monkey – or cat, for that matter. Just like human beings, all animals get dirty, and soil their environment. After a while (with some animals a SHORT while) things can get pretty messy, and if left unchecked health problems will arise. It’s our job as our animal’s keepers to keep things clean and healthy for them. But with so many things to clean, how do you go about it. One way that’s quickly catching on for a number of pet related cleaning applications is ultrasonics.
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Ultrasonic Golf Club Cleaning 0

Ultrasonic cleaning has been around since the 50’s, and as more and more people learn about it’s amazing qualities, it’s seeing use in applications as varied as cleaning dental instruments, to, well, cleaning golf supplies. But how does this ultrasonic golf club cleaning machine do what it does?
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How To Choose Jewelry Cleaner Solution 0

When people hear the term “ultrasonic jewelry cleaner”, their minds  are automatically filled with images of high technology. While ultrasonics sure sound fancy, they’ve been around for more than 50  years, and at their core, they simply scrub in a very clever way. But  like most cleaning methods that employ abrasion or friction to remove  soils, a soap or jewelry cleaning solution is needed to get gems and  precious metals to their full luster.

Ultrasonic Cleaning – Better for the Environment 0

ultrasonic-cleaning-is-greenToday we’re going to take a look at why ultrasonic cleaning is THE choice for the environment. More and more people, companies, and organizations have begun to realize the importance of reducing their “environmental footprint”.

Ultrasonics – The Safer Way to Clean 0

Ultrasonic cleaning just may the the single safest way to clean your parts. Read on to find out why. 

Anybody who works with or around any kind of industrial equipment knows just how important safety is.

An injury not only effects the employee who received it, but also the company as a whole through lost labor and insurance costs.

This begs the question; Why do companies still have their employees clean parts by hand with dangerous, toxic chemicals when there’s a much faster, safer method available?

Bike Chain Cleaning with Ultrasonics 0

Cleaning bike parts with ultrasonicsAny hobbyist worth their salt knows that maintaining their gear is one of the most important things you can do, and this goes double for cyclists.

If not properly cared for a bike of any kind, from expensive racing bikes to simple touring models, can malfunction possibly resulting in injury to the rider, to say nothing of the damage to the bike itself.

So how does one keep their bicycle in peak condition, and how often do you need perform the necessary maintenance? One method that’s starting to catch on with many cyclists and even shop owners is ultrasonic cleaning.