Branson 8800 Cleaner

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Product Description

CPX8800H = Digital Controls and Heat

M8800H = Analog Controls and Heat

CPX8800 = Digital Controls , no Heat

M8800 = Analog Controls, no Heat

Branson 8800 Ultrasonic cleaner, 5.5 gallon, 40 kHz

  • Tank is 19.5"l x 11.5"w x 6"d
  • Ships from stock
  • Free US48 Ground shipping
  • Returns accepted of unused tanks within 15 days
  • Two year Factory Warranty, parts & labor
  • We are an authorized distributor of Branson Ultrasonics 

Branson 8800 ultrasonic cleaner - M8800, M8800H, CPX8800, CPX8800H. 5.5 gallon tank, 40 khz, Available with heat, degas and digital controls. FREE UPS ground shipping.

Large enough to handle most tabletop ultrasonic cleaning applications, the Branson 8800 comes complete with a five and a half gallon capacity, full stainless steel tank, tank cover, chemical resistant outer shell, and your choice of four versions.

M8800: The M8800 is a simple, easy to use unit with a rugged, 1 to 60 minute mechanical timer. Perfect for any application that doesn't require heat or precise digital controls.

  • 40kHz Industrial Transducers
  • 60-minute Mechanical Timer (can be set to run continuously)
  • Tower Control Panel
  • Built-in Pour Drain (½ & ¾ gallon) or Side Mounted Drain

M8800H: Just as easy to use as the M8800, the M8800H has the same analog, 1 to 60 minute timer, but also includes a built in tank heater, making it perfect for any number of light industrial cleaning applications.

  • Heated Cleaning – up to 69°C/156.2°F
  • 60-minute Mechanical Timer (can be set to run continuously)
  • 40kHz Industrial Transducers
  • Tower Control Panel
  • Built-in Pour Drain (½ & ¾ gallon) or Side Mounted Drain

CPX8800: The CPX8800 boasts a full suite of digital controls, allowing for only the best in precision cleaning. The CPX8800 is perfect for any ultrasonic application that requires the utmost in precision, but does not need heat.

  • Self-Adaptive Technology
  • Digital Tower Control Panel
  • Degassing & Conditioning
  • Sleep Mode

CPX8800H: The largest and most advanced of Branson's tabletop ultrasonic cleaners, the CPX8800H has all the same precise, digital controls as the CPX8800, but also includes a thermostatically controlled in-tank heater.

  • Heated Cleaning – up to 69°C/156.2°F
  • Self-Adaptive Technology
  • Fully Programmable
  • High/low Power Control
  • Degas & Conditioning
  • Sleep Mode

Model 8800 Specifications

Overall Size 24"l x 18"w x 14.5"d
Tank Size 19.5"l x 11.5"w x 6"d
Weight 26 lbs
Frequency 40 kHz

Demonstration of the features on the Digital CPX and CPXH models


Ask a Question
  • Is the tank capacity the full capacity or up to the operating level line?

    It is the full tank volume. Actual working volume will be a bit less, as the parts must be held offf the tank bottom, and you can't fill the tank to the top, or it will overflow when parts and basket are added.

  • it is posssible to control the pulsed mode? e.g 30min acting time and 30 min resting time during 24h. Thank you.

    No sorry, the degas (pulsed) mode has fixed periods.

  • We have an 8800 and I need two wire baskets to hold parts when cleaning. Thank you.

    The Branson 8800 does not have a wire basket. It uses a perforated tray. You can see it here above listed as an accessory.  Alternatively, you can use the baskets for the Branson 3800, and put them in the tank side by side. Three of them will fit. See these baskets here

  • What is the average heat up time of cold water to operating temperatures of 60C?

    Normally this takes 30-45 minutes. It helps to keep the tank cover on, and the ultrasonics running.

  • Can i use isopropyl alcohol in this machine?

    No. You can't use ANY flammable solvent in an open ultrasonic cleaner. Period. I know some people do. But the chance of flashover is just too high, and you will immediately invalidate your warranty. The ultrasonic repair centers can tell if this has happened and they will not do a warranty repair.

    There are specialty machines for cleaning with ultrasonics and alcohol. These all have features added to make this safe, like fusable-link drop lids and often a nitrogen vapor barrier. Without those safeguards, you're taking a chance of injury and fire damage. Most of these units are sold in the EU and Asia because of liability concerns here in the USA.

    If you have more questions, feel free to use our contact form and I'll help any way I can.

  • hello , this CPX8000H NEW ONE ? Electricity 220/240 V 50/60 HZ

    Yes, theCPX8800H is the newest model. 230 v units: CPX8800H-E   Digital Timer, Heater & Degas, & Temp Monitor   $3,277   Lead time 3-4 weeks

  • How many watts of peak ultrasonic power does the 8800 output?


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